About Me

My love of dolls has inspired this little business.  A while ago -- during a long winter (November 2003) in Northern Michigan -- I decided to make a new outfit for my vintage 8" Betsy McCall doll that I had as a girl.  I liked the way it turned out, so I decided to put it on eBay and see what happened.  Much to my delight, someone bid on it within a matter of hours.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should make another one and see what happens.  Imagine my surprise as collectors eagerly bid on my beginning creations.

The more I made, the more tired my little Betsy became.  When her head fell off, my husband comforted my tears and promptly offered tender care to  repair her.  That is when I decided it was time for a new Tonner Tiny Betsy McCall.  When she arrived, it was love at first sight - and I wanted more.  So much more, that I contacted Tonner Doll Company and began the steps to become a retailer. 

As collectors began to discover me, they started requesting costuming for other dolls.  That is when Helen Kish's Riley found her way to my design studio.  Who could resist such an adorable little toddler? 

In January 2007,  I participated at the IDEX in Orlando, Florida for the first time.  That is where I met Heather Maciak - and where her Jenny & Lexie dolls captured my heart.  With all these little ones wanting new things to wear, I stay very busy.   

But I had more in mind -- I had visions of creating my own doll company.  So in early 2008, I approached Dianna Effner for a second time -- hoping she would create a special sculpt for me.  She agreed and Heartstring Dolls was born - with 3 delightful little 8" vinyl girls - Mari, Jackie & Grace.  They made their debut at the 2009 Orlando IDEX and are continuing to find their way into collectors hearts.  In February 2010 with the arrival our granddaughter, a new doll was added in her honor - Eva.  In 2012, a boy, Tommy (named after our son) was added to the collection.   Rusty was added in 2013 and Jeffery was added in 2014.  As the family of Heartstring Dolls grows, so does their popularity in the collector community.

  My husband, Ron & I sold our resort in Northern Michigan in 2010 - which has allowed us more flexibility for travel.  We have a motorhome* and like to head out for parts unknown.  The doll shoppe, design studio, and ALL the girls go too. (I have a very tolerant husband.)  The wandering has allowed me to search out those special fabrics from quilt shops from every corner of our country.  With the internet and my cell phone - I remain in constant touch - creating, designing, sewing and shipping from all across the country.

*The summer of 2017 brought some changes to the "Mobile Design Studio".  We sold our motorhome.  This impacts the doll business, because I will no longer be able to travel with all the dolls, sewing machines & fabric.  Therefore, I will now be closed during the winter months.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

The more of you I meet (either in person - or via email) -  the more I am impressed with the warmth and compassion of the collectors in the "dolly world".  I feel blessed to have found so many new friends.